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The notions: "investor", "investment", "net present value", "discount rate", etc. aren't clear to them, and so they're pushed away from the world of finance, hence from cash. In order to get money for your job you've got to understand the best way to present the investor with your company undertaking so that he simply could not get away from it, how to properly evaluate your organization idea and to learn to speak with an investor in a single language.

Nowadays, the primary source of funds continues to be the banks. Nevertheless, it's not so simple to get financing for business at high interest rates. It is one thing if an entrepreneur who already has a working business, an income which allows you to repay a loan and property which you can mortgage, will apply for the loan. Banks usually do not look at business from the point of view of investors. They do not care how much the idea is promising, useful and lucrative. They want to be certain that the borrower has the opportunity to pay off the loan together with interest. Because of this, many beginning entrepreneurs can’t contact banks, but think about how to seek out an investor and are searching for investments that are private.

The company idea is your potential capital, and the investor is your potential partner. Regardless of who you are: an idea generator or an investor, an excellent idea will make money for you. If you are living in California and think that you already have a thought that is astonishing and promising, you ought to look for California investors backing. A great help in your search might become the website Investors California. On this website you'll find a summary of investors that are reliable and trustful who might become good partners for you in the closest future and in your job.

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